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Bartland's Lacey
Sire: BPIS Can/Am Ch Bartland's Inferno of Dante, CD (Dante)
Dam: Ch Winstrae's Legacy of Bartland (Sarah)


Lacey Lacey Lacy Lacey
Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey
Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey

Bartland's Lacey 
August 25, 2006 - November 3, 2021

Lacey, our gorgeous and sweet girl has crossed the rainbow bridge and is waiting for us there.

15 years is a great age for a Weimaraner.

She played flyball for me and cheese wieners.  I was always proud of her when she ran.  She rarely made a mistake and because she was not offensive, she helped train many green dogs.  More importantly, she was an awesome friend for all these years.  We loved each other completely.

When Marsei came on the scene, I was worried that Lacey might shake her but instead, she nosed her and was just thrilled to have a puppy, as if to say “A puppy!  I always wanted a puppy!”  How many times did Lacey go trotting across the family room with Marsei hanging off her jowls.  She even intervened when coyotes came into the yard one day and was missing a piece of skin to prove it.  “Don’t you touch my little girl.”

Though the tears have been many and there is a hole in our household, she gave us a lifetime of wonderful memories and that is what I want to remember.  I thought I heard her bark this morning, but her bed is empty.   She is now young and able bodied again playing with others that have left us before her.

Farewell for now, my sweet Lacey doll.  Love you!

Don’t shake any rabbits up there!


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