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daisy dogA little bit about Bartland Kennels

In 1988 I acquired two litter mates from field lines in Oregon. Ch. Misty’s Jewel of the Dawn CD and Ch. Kona’s Silver Ghost became my foundation bitches, and so began Bartland Weimaraners.

Since that time I have had a limited number of litters, with some proud results.

One litter had three offspring placing in the WCA Futurity program held in conjunction with the Weimaraner US Nationals in Sacramento, California, and more recently, Am/Can Ch Bartland's Smoke on the Water (Hopper) won Best Dog in Futurity at the 2023 WCA Nationals held in Albany, Oregon. Am/Can Ch Bartland’s Gustav Von Valmar placed #3 Show Weimaraner in Canada, and my current star, Quorra - INT / AM CH / BIS CAN GrChS Bartland’s Poseidon Adventure (see below) is #1 Show Female overall in weims in Canada. I have bred Best in Show, multiple Best In Specialty Show, multiple Reserve Best in Show, multiple Best Puppy in Show winners, and multiple Group and Puppy Group placing dogs.

Over the years I have been involved in conformation, obedience, and fieldwork. It is such a pleasure to see the joy that the dogs get from doing what they were bred for.


Bartland's History

I was first introduced to the breed in 1982, through a friend of a fellow I was then dating. His dog’s name was Lightning II, otherwise known as ‘Weiner’. He was the delightful, intelligent, obedient pet and devoted companion of Art Lehmann. Art and I eventually married, relocating to Victoria in 1986.

In 1987 I worked full time at Victoria General Hospital as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I was also employed casually in home care on my days off from VGH. One day I was sent to do home care at the home of Roy and Yvonne Smith. Upon entering their home, I found Weimaraner memorabilia everywhere. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yvonne set out for the day, leaving Mr. Smith in my care. He had suffered a stroke, with residual aphasia. I was able to communicate with him by asking him questions with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers. All in relation to his wonderful displays of the Weims. I anxiously awaited Mrs. Smith’s return home, so I could satisfy my quest for more information regarding their personal history with the breed. I ended up staying two hours past my shift completion, chatting with Yvonne. She took me under her wing, and went on to become my mentor in the breed.

Roy and Yvonne had bred, hunted, and raised Weimaraners under the ‘Von Roy’ prefix ... more about Von Roy...

History of Vonroy Weimaraners – by Yvonne Smith

Vonroy Kennels came into being in the late 1950’s. Roy L. Smith of Creston, B.C., having read about this new and versatile hunting dog decided it was it was what he needed. After extensive correspondence and phone calls (no computer then!) he made the acquaintance of Dr. Max Meerkerk in Idaho, USA. This proved to be the start of a lifelong devotion to the Weimaraner.

From Dr. Meerkerk he obtained FIELDGREY PIPER, a double grandson out of Ch. BURT V.D. HARRASBURG out of Ch. DEAL’S LITTLE VON DOBE. This tremendous field line of German imports was the foundation of Vonroy dogs. We purchased a Weimaraner from A.M. Greenfield of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA. We brought in VAHALLA’S PLATINUM GYPSY – sired by Ch. DEAL’S SPORTING TRUE AIM, a Westminster Best of Breed winner, and son of Ch. BURT V.D. HARRASBURG. Pedigree of this progeny carried some of the finest of old German lines: i.e. Ch. ASPA V.D. MURWITZ – Ch. GRAFMARS DOVE CD – ARCO VON FILSEN – ERY VON DIENDORF. Another bitch was brought in from the USA to add another bloodline. She was KEELERS VALLEY PRIDE, who begat us the CRAIX VD FINNE CD and the SILVER ACRES bloodlines.

Vonroy dogs were sold for the most part as personal gun dogs and family pets, as we felt this was the role that they best suited. Not flashy or fast enough to field trial as Pointers and Setters are, they excel as thorough, close working and honest hunters who became family companions and protect as needed. If a Weimaraner owns you, as we were at Vonroy, you are truly blessed.

I soon became an active member of the Victoria City Kennel Club. In 1988, armed with a checklist of questions, Art and I headed south of the border, to add what would become the foundation of our Weimaraners to our family. Ch. Misty’s Jewel of the Dawn CD (Sept 15,1988 – July 21,2002) and Ch. Kona’s Silver Ghost (Sept 15, 1988 – Oct.9, 2002) were litter mates from field lines in Oregon.

We went to obedience classes at Western Speedway taught by Doris Hill and conformation classes at various locations in the community. My friend Elizabeth McCall (nee Lawrenuk) showed Kona and I showed Misty. What an exhilarating day it was when we finished their show championships.

Angel at the lakeUnder the guidance of Yvonne we decided to breed. While in the USA at a show, Yvonne spotted a young male that grabbed her attention. His name was Ch. Pic-A-Star’s Atilla v. Reiteralm CDX, TD, V, co-owned by Cynthia Picha and Virginia Alexander. Correspondence was exchanged and a formal request submitted to utilize ‘Alph’ at stud. Alph was a Weimaraner that was of 100% German bloodlines, therefore the breeding had to be approved by the German Weimaraner Club. The approval took nine months in coming, so subsequently Misty’s heat cycle came and went. With approval granted, arrangements were made for “the special date”. Due to Cynthia’s work schedule, Alph came to stay with us for a month. He was a delightful, gentle soul. (With an avid passion for cats!) On November 11th, 1994 a litter of eight was born, with 4 boys and 4 girls.

When the litter was between 7-8 weeks of age, Cynthia came north to assist with the litter assessment. I was introduced to the assessment technique, which is now published in “The Weimaraner Ways” co-authored by Virginia Alexander and Jackie Isobell. Much knowledge was gained from Cynthia’s guidance over subsequent years. For that a big thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

We kept the pick bitch from the breeding and called her Sassy, also known as Am/Can Ch. Bartland’s Pic-A-Star. She was bred twice, once to Am Ch. Valmar’s Sage v Wustenwind, which produced Bartland’s Victor of Dibley, #2 Weimaraner in Obedience for 2004 and to Am/Can Ch. Orion’s Jaeger v Reiteralm CDX, MH, NSD, NRD, V, CGC which produced Silverisle Weimaraners foundation bitch Ch. Bartland’s Littlest Lunatic and littermate Am/Can. Ch. Bartland’s Inferno of Dante CD. Both of these dogs had incredible working drive, and would do anything to please.

Misty was also later bred to Am/Can Ch. Orion’s Jaeger v Reiteralm CDX, MH, NSD, NRD, V, CGC, producing Ch. Bartland’s Littlest Angel (March 29,1997- January 6,2008) There were 5 puppies in that litter with three out of the five placing in their futurities. Angel was bred to Am/Can. Ch Valmar’s Unanimous Decision producing Ch. Bartland’s Rhapsody in Blue. Joy was owned and loved by Lisa Danesin. Joy in turn was bred to Am/Can. Ch Anson’s On The Rocks CD (Winston), producing the 2006 #2 Weimaraner in Canada, Canadian National Specialty winner BISS Can/Am. Ch Silverisle’s Summer Storm. Stormi placed second that year, behind her father, and third the following year (all with limited showing).

We also had a pet male Weimaraner that we rescued from a back yard breeder in Oregon. He was the last pup left of the litter. We paid the $50.00 to cover his vaccination expenses, so that he would not be euthanized. Initially we had planned on rehoming him, but over the length of the trip back to Canada we became attached, and he stayed. He was a tall, lanky pup, that the fellow had nick named “Skinny”, hence his registered name of Clackamas Skinny Salem. Skinny was a wonderful gentle soul, who loved kids, and got along with everyone. He loved to play with the new pups. Skinny left us for Rainbow Bridge on February 10, 2003.

In 1992 we added a spotted dog into our lives. Needing to be rehomed, we found ourselves with a German shorthaired pointer moving in. Am/ BIS Can Ch. Bianca’s Caruso CD, also known as Buck. He was white with liver ticking. Buck proved to be one of the most fabulous dogs I have ever owned. One of his favourite games was to woof at the new weim pups; see them flip over on their bellies so he could lick them. He proved to be a fabulous uncle. Buck placed #3 in Canada’s Top Show dogs in 1993. Mary Ellen Whyte, (Bianca GSP’s) of Pincher Creek, Alberta was his breeder. He was loved by many, having had his own set of groupies to cheer him on in the group at the shows. Over the years Mary Ellen, Gerri Shurb, and David Gignac handled him. Buck resided the final portion of his years with Art, joining Rainbow Bridge on June 27, 2005.


WinstraeThe Winstrae Legacy lives on at Bartland...

In memory of Sarah Deveson
October 26, 1953 – December 24, 1999

A bright, guiding light in the Weimaraner world flickered out with the passing of Sarah Deveson. She truly loved her own Weimaraners, the breed, and every puppy she helped bring into the world.

Sarah founded Winstrae Kennel in 1995 and worked unceasingly to emphasize the best qualities of the breed. She unselfishly and joyfully shared her outstanding knowledge with all who met or knew her.

Sarah and her Weimaraners participated in and supported many aspects of competition and training, obedience, field work and ratings test, puppy kindergarten, and Canadian and American conformation events. Win or loose she was a class act, always quick to give a gracious smile and warm congratulations. Her beautiful brown eyes, kindness, and quick wit endeared her to everyone. Proud of her Scottish heritage, she definitely had a stubborn streak, especially when it came to the wellbeing of her dogs or the breed was at stake.

Her spirit will live forever through her beloved Weimaraners Karl, Kirsty, Rachel Ellie, and all present and future Winstrae puppies. Sarah will be deeply missed, but never forgotten by her many friends. They will now be the guardians of her dreams of the breed.

Upon her death, Sarah Deveson willed her Winstrae bloodlines and kennel name to her dear friends Bill and Norma Mason out of Friday Harbour, Washington. Bill and Norma had purchased various show dogs from Sarah over the years, and spent many a weekend off together at shows. While Sarah was still alive, she had hoped to do a breeding with her female Rachel, Am/Can. Ch. Wismar’s Winstrae v. Morrall and Quinn, Am/Can Ch. Anson’s Mr. Millennium CD. She never did get the opportunity as she succumbed to her valiant battle with cancer. I was approached by Bill Mason to foster the litter for this breeding,as he was at a time in his life that was not conducive to raising a litter of Weimaraner pups. Rachel came to live with me about 3 weeks before she was due, so she could make the adjustment and settle in. On April 22, 2002 she produced a healthy litter of 9 pups, 6 boys and 2 girls. Once the litter was weaned Rachel went back to retire with Sarah’s partner Rick Jewel, in Port Coquitlam. I kept the pick female of the litter, and so Ch. Winstrae’s Legacy of Bartland, named Sarah, in honour of our dear friend, came to reside at Bartland. Upon maturity, Sarah quickly finished her Canadian show championship over a few weekends. Sarah’s sister Silka – Ch Winstrae’s Silver Shadow also finished her title with ease.

flower pupCh Winstrae’s Legacy of Bartland went on to be bred to Am/Can Ch. Winstrae’s The Mighty Frasier, producing a litter on October 18, 2004 with 4 boys and 4 girls. It was a beautiful litter that produced 6 dogs that could have easily finished their conformation championships. I kept the two picks of the litter. Ch. Winstrae’s Rose of Bartland (Rosie) went to live with my previous neighbours and is now shown by their eldest daughter Sydney in junior handling. The other resides with me. BISS Ch. Winstrae’s Quest of the Grail. (Camelot).

In 2008 Ch. Winstrae's Rose of Bartland was bred to Am/Can Ch Leith's High Velocity, producing a stunning young bitch, Winstrae's Sudden Turbulence. First time out in the show ring, Mike Macbeth placed her Best of Winners and Sporting Puppy group. She commented “I almost gave her the breed!”

I decided to keep the Winstrae name on these puppies to reflect the generosity and honour that had been bestowed upon me by Bill and Norma, in allowing me to further on Sarah’s dream. Every time one of her pups did well, I knew that Sarah in heaven was whooping it up ringside, and cracking that celebratory beer. I still feel her presence. She has stood up to be my guardian angel on more than one occasion. So when you see a Winstrae name in a catalogue or at the show . . . you too can salute the memory of a wonderful human being and dear friend.


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